Custom Home Building: What are the Advantages?


Almost every day, we talk to current homeowners who wonder about the advantages of building a custom home instead of buying an existing one.  Often, these homeowners have misconceptions about costs, what dealing with a custom home builder is all about, what they can and can’t customize, etc.  With this in mind, we wanted to shed some light on the core advantages of building a custom home, so you can decide for yourself if buying an existing home or building a custom dream home best fits your lifestyle and your needs.  While a custom built home isn’t for everyone, it certainly can be a great option for many.

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering your options is that many builders throughout central Arkansas claim “custom home builder” status, while few and far between actually deliver a true custom home building experience and end product.  Make sure when you’re considering a custom home that you ask all the right questions and that you’re chosen builder can truly customize each and every detail.  A cookie cutter home with a few custom options is not a true custom home.  While these sorts of homes are fantastic for many homeowners, those looking for a more unique and personalized custom home continue to gravitate towards true custom builders like Aquila Properties.

Keep reading below and we’re confident you’ll understand some of the most important reasons why building a custom home presents so many advantages!


Everything You Need…Nothing You Don’t


The first thing you think when walking into a house shouldn’t be compromise. We’ve all seen beautiful houses that we think we’d love if we added a few things to really make it our home. We’ve also all walked into a room of a house we’re looking at and thought to ourselves “I have no idea what I’m gonna do with this space.” Unfortunately, this is common place when homeowners consider purchasing a pre-existing home.  Often times these homes lack the core features you really want, and on the flip side offer features you don’t need. After all, that home was built for a different set of homeowners who might not  share your family’s needs and desires. A custom built home is just that – custom built for your family. From the day you move in, your new custom home will include everything you want and need out of your dream home.

If the first thing you think of when buying a pre-existing home is how much you’d have to remodel, you’re far better suited to strongly consider  building a custom home from the start!

Take a look at our Custom Homes Gallery to see some great examples of dream houses we’ve built that perfectly fit our client’s needs!


The Perfect House in the Perfect Neighborhood 


Ever found a house you loved, in a neighborhood you didn’t? Or  maybe you’ve found a neighborhood you’d love to live in, but couldn’t find a house that fit your needs? Building custom is one of the best ways to insure you get exactly the house you want in exactly the neighborhood you want it in.

Aquila Properties will build your custom home in the neighborhood you want to live in.

When you choose to build a custom home, there’s no need to compromise on anything.


Everything is Brand New


A brand new home is just that: brand new! That means new brick, stone, appliances, roof, windows, heating and cooling systems….everything! You can kiss any unwanted “surprises” goodbye when it comes to your custom built home.  We build exactly what you want with exactly all the right details to custom fit your home to your lifestyle.

Brand new everything also means brand new methods for home construction, including our intense focus on maximum energy efficiency. As homeowners throughout Arkansas become more conscientious of their footprint on the environment, they demand better energy standards and ask much more intelligent questions than even a few years back.  At Aquila Properties, we utilize the most modern techniques for creating home energy efficiency.

Learn More Of The Benefits of Building a Custom Home! 

Building a custom home isn’t the solution for every home buyer, but there are a ton of advantages to building the house of your dreams besides the “wow” factor. If you’d like to see some examples of our custom homes or if you’re considering building a custom home,contact Aquila Properties online or call us at 731-438-5347! Be sure to check out our profiles on HouzzFacebook and Twitter to see some of our custom work!

Our family at Aquila Properties welcomes the opportunity to walk you step by step through the custom home building process, with a specific attention to detail you won’t find with most “custom” home builders!

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